About Sigma Pi

Founded in 1897, Sigma Pi Fraternity is one of the top
men’s collegiate organizations in North America

A Quest for Excellence

Sigma Pi Fraternity was founded in 1897 at Vincennes University, in Vincennes, Indiana. Our Executive Office is located at the historic Mitchell House in Lebanon, Tennessee. The Fraternity is one of the top men’s collegiate organizations in North America, with more than 120 active chapters and colonies in the United States and Canada. With over 100,000 alumni and 5,700 undergraduates; our men strive for excellence by living our core values to promote fellowship, develop character and leadership, advance heightened moral awareness, enable academic achievement, and inspire service. Sigma Pi is the only Greek letter organization with an international philanthropic program, The ACE Project, specifically designed to give back to our host institutions.

I Believe..

in Sigma Pi, a fellowship of kindred minds,
united in brotherhood, to advance truth and justice,
to promote scholarship, to encourage chivalry, to diffuse culture,
and to develop character in the service of god and man;
and I will strive to make real the fraternity's ideals
in my own daily life.

Though we attend different colleges and universities, in different regions of North America, we are bound by ritual as men of Sigma Pi. It is in this ritual that we have taken several oaths which make us desire to be a cut above the average college man. Our fellowship in brotherhood helps us all through the mutual supports of like minded individuals who strive to be the best as we prepare to be the new generation of leaders.

Truth and justice are a major part of our Creed, and our philosophy as members of Sigma Pi Fraternity. They are listed first in our Creed because all values are based on these principles which must be held in highest regard and diligently adhered.

Any man of Sigma Pi Fraternity decided first to attend a college or university for the purpose of attaining a higher level of education to help him become a success in the future. The drive for excellence in scholarship is an essential part of our Creed, and thus is set high in our list of ideals. As a Fraternity, our first order of business is to provide the type of environment and support which will help all members succeed academically.

Despite an atrophy of moral standards in contemporary society, a Sigma Pi man will stand apart, even if alone, in conduct concerning women. We hold ourselves and each other to a higher standing concerning the opposite sex, and are bound to treat each woman with the respect, dignity and honor that we would bestow on our own mother, sister.

Diffusing culture is more than just abstaining from participation in racial slurs, generalizations about groups of people and prejudice; a renaissance man will gain knowledge of many cultures and people to set himself up for success in a global marketplace.

One of the fundamental objectives of the Fraternity is the development of character in each of its members. While the true essence of character is difficult to define, it can be exemplified by a man’s standard of conduct, his acceptance of responsibility and his own self-image. The true fraternity man strives to attain the highest level possible in each of these areas.